Belly Dancers and Big Bikes

One of the feature writers in THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN wrote about a party she attended where there was a beautiful young belly dancer, and her husband could not take his eyes off her, and talked to her for an hour after her performance. But the writer said she was not jealous because he has the same sort of intensity about big superbikes (pull the other one).

But seriously, the male animal is programmed to respond to a number of stimuli, including nubile maidens and powerful steeds. And thinking of the recent UK scandals of Showbiz personalities being indicted for having sex with underage girls, there has to be a degree of compassion (but not for the depraved like Jimmy Saville who interfered with 9 year old boys and girls, and the handicapped). Being surrounded by underage Lolitas desperate to be in the limelight must be a terrible temptation – especially where alcohol loosens inhibitions.

So do we insist on strict moral judgments – or do we deal pragmatically with the world as it is?

It must be equally tempting for pretty young girls to use their sexuality to get what they think they want (after all belly dancers are highly regarded in the Arab World).  And having done that, it’s not too much of a stretch for some of them to become call-girls; a (relatively) easy way to make an affluent living. And if prostitution is the oldest profession then war must be the second oldest. We have always had it, still have it, and probably will always have it. So is it wrong to make a living from war, or prostitution?

Someone has to make the guns, missiles, ammunition, airplanes – and someone has to supply, distribute and sell them. It’s a business like any other. If you don’t – someone  else will. And someone will one day take a maiden’s virginity and she will lose her innocence. And if you don’t – someone else will. And if she uses sex in order to survive in the fog of a war zone who can blame her? It’s a bastard world – and I didn’t invent it.

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