Was Einstein Wrong?

Not about Relativity. I don’t understand that theory anyway so how can I challenge it?
But Einstein defined madness as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
In 1827 the Jewish population of Curacao, a small island that was a Dutch colony in The Caribbean, was “encouraged” by the government to leave the island because the local Creole population was rioting to protest the Jews’ grip on the island’s commercial life.
Numbers of them left and made the short sea journey to Venezuela. They settled in small towns along the coast, and in particular were welcomed into CORO, a delightful Spanish colonial town of cobbled streets and red tiled roofs.
Three years later the local population rioted to protest the Jews’ grip on the commercial life of the town. They survived under government protection by paying a special tax. But in spite of this, 25 years later they were all driven out by rioting locals, and had to return to Curacao.
As that other heavyweight Jewish intellectual Karl Marx said, “(Economic) history repeats itself . . . First time tragedy . . . second time farce.”
If you spend any time in the Arab Middle East you will certainly be asked what you think of the Jahud (The Jews). And you will be told that “although they are our cousins” they are not to be trusted. The Arabs believe that the Israelis are driven by greed. They want the whole of the Middle East and its oil wealth. And they point to the invasions into South Lebanon, the occupation of The Golan Heights, and the continued building of settlements on The West Bank.
If anybody reads this blog I will of course be accused of anti-Semitism. That is the smoke screen that is always used to hide Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine and the repression of its people. This is a standard tactic in The West to divert attention from the real issue, and is supported by lazy jounalists.
Recently I saw the movie TRUTH about the 60 Minutes investigation of George W Bush’s notional service in the Alabama National Guard that saved him from being drafted to VietNam. The documents that brought this to light were possibly forged, and all subsequent invstigations focussed on this possible forgery and those responsible. It did not investigate whether or not he was a draft dodger, although there was plenty of evidence unrelated to the documents that pointed to the truth.
My book THE GULF “Reaping the Whirlwind” opens with a story of how the Israeli Defence Force deals ruthlessly with activists who support The Palestinians. Like all the stories in my book it is not pure fiction but has a strong basis in fact.
All 10 stories are character driven from the perspective of weird and wonderful oilfield trash, expatriates who washed up in THE GULF oil patch from 1960 to 2001. My stories are not all grim: they are sometimes humorous, sometimes entertaining – and always informative with an authentic context from my 40 years experience working in the international oil industry centered on The Arabian/Persian Gulf.
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