Shame on you Barack Obama

The “I am a Jew” speech by Barack Obama, supposedly the most powerful man on Earth, was shameless pandering to the powerful and very effective Jewish lobby. By bending his knee to them he was ensuring the flow of millions of dollars into the Democratic war chest to try and ensure that Hilary Clinton would be the next President, and that she would also give unconditional support to Israel.

Protection racketeering is alive and well and living in The White House.

As I have mentioned before in this blog the Jewish population of CORO survived 25 years under the protection of the Venezuelan state and federal governments by paying a “Special Tax”. But in the end they were driven out by the local population rioting because of the domination of the Jews in the town’s commercial life.

Right now Israel carries out its brutal and repressive tactics against the Palestinians under the protection of the USA. What happens when US influence diminishes – or is distracted by the growing threats of China and Russia (not forgetting Al Qu’eda and ISIS, and Afghanistan etc.)?

My opposition to Israel was based on anecdotal evidence gained during my 40 years in The Arabian/Persian Gulf. I did not realize how complete the Israeli subjugation of the Palestinians is.

But recently I found a wonderful book, THE STATE OF THE MIDDLE EAST, “An Atlas of Conflict & Resolution” that uses hard fact and maps to show how the whole region has evolved since the decline of The Ottoman Empire. It identifies the three most important factors as OIL, ISRAEL, and AMERICAN INTERVENTION. And if you look at the section and maps on Israel you can see that they have no intention of allowing a Palestinian State.

They already occupy 78% of the land that was once Palestine, and control more than half of the West Bank, supposedly the site of the State of Palestine. And Israel’s policy of building illegal settlements on the West Bank, walled off from the West Bank, and linked to Israel by roads open only to Israelis, can be seen quite clearly as the thin end of a wedge to occupy the whole of the West Bank.

Shame on you Barack Obama for bending your knee to the power of the Jewish Lobby. And shame on you for accepting their bribes. The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

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