What happened to the “Real World”

Still grappling with my return to good health and the frightening virtual world I now live in.

Obviously the COVID pandemic dominates everything. Living in NSW Australia, I am baffled by the State and Federal governments declaration of FREEDOM DAY just before Christmas, and their decision that life was back to normal, no need for precautions and just “let it rip’ and go out dancing and drinking.

Result! Overnight infections went from between 1-200 to 20,000, and as a consequence the daily death rate went for 1 or 2 to close to 100. And of course it is not the fault of the politicians. It was “the peoples” fault for not acting responsibly.

It reminds me of Donald Reagan’s comment on professional politicians. “They are like diapers. They are full of shit and need changing regularly.”

Perhaps worse in the longer term is that the unfettered internet has blow away two basic pillars of our democracy: An accused person is entitled to:

  1. A presumption of innocence
  2. Once accused, that the case is “sub judicae’

Now all the crazies on the internet, and most of the “legitimate” media, seem to feel free to conduct a trial by media that destroys all chance of a free trial. Investigative journalism is one thing – advocacy journalism is quite another, and should be banned.

And finally, the internet has become a monster that needs feeding with ever more scandalous gossip, and gives sustenance to people who, in previous times, would have been reviled. Nowhere is that more clear than the Harry and Meghan soap opera. Here is a man who was born into the privileged world of the British Royal Family. Who holds titles, and commissions, bestowed on him by The Queen (and has inherited multiple fortunes from his royal connections) yet seems to feel free to diss and undermine his grandmother, an old woman at the end of a life of faultless service to her people and her country. What a low life.

He should be stripped of his titles, and members of his regiment should present him personally with 4 white feathers (look it up).

For sure, my book THE GULF “Reaping the Whirlwind” is now a historical novel, based as it is in a world where duty, and honour, and patriotism (but not ultra-nationalism) still counted for something. With the speed of change now full throttle, (and with The Queen almost certainly dead and buried) maybe in another decade it will truly be historical, and will be as popular as novels from the Tudor era.

Or maybe there will be a huge corrections, and people will grow sick of the narcissistic excesses of the internet and PR dominated advocacy journalism – and view my book as something of value.

Vain Hope????????